LETTERS: What should we believe?

What is a person to believe nowadays? We are fed so much propaganda from all sources via the media, books, newspapers, blogs, television, internet sources and just people standing on their soap boxes.

The publishing of books by various people but mostly by former Trump staffers or in his past administration has revealed some astonishing facts about the former president and his followers! Taken as a whole, the fact of the matter is, Trump doesn’t appear to have much of a vocabulary when one gets past beautiful, amazing, terrific, hoax, trust me, and obscenities.

His latest revealed tirade was about the leak of him, his wife and son being taken to the bunker for more than an hour while people gathered outside the White House protesting about the killing of George Floyd. He is reported to have said the person committed treason and should be executed! Wow, that’s nutty.

Bill Williams, Palmview