LETTERS: Let’s stop the attacks

As a regular reader of your letters to the editor, I’d like to comment on something that seems to happen all too often. In a letter solely written to support an investigation of the COVID-19 virus origin, the writer begins with the statement that “radical Marxist socialists are keeping alive the Jan. 6, inexcusable breach at the U.S. Capitol.” If the writer finds the Capitol breach inexcusable, why would it necessitate “radical Marxist socialists” to keep alive a desire for an investigation into its origins?

One letter states that “Nancy Pelosi’s demand for a complete investigation on this inexcusable breach at the Capitol” is an excuse to deflect an investigation into the COVID-19 origin and that the investigation of the Jan. 6 Capitol breach should be tied to an investigation of the COVID-19 virus origin! One has absolutely nothing to do with other. It makes no logical sense and was done only to attempt to discredit a political party.

Everyone is free to support their own political party or simply vote on issues. I find this constant attempt to tear down one side or the other, for no reason and often without any justification, extremely sad.

Mary A. Olsson, Mission