LETTERS: Abortion is evil

I’d like to make a comment on an article I just read in the newspaper. I believe and support being pro-life, and what really shocks me is that misguided people would say abortion is health care. The reality is that abortion is the murder of an innocent baby in the womb. An innocent human being who has a heartbeat and a recognizable baby body by seven weeks after fertilization.

A person spoke before the Edinburg City Council Members and referred to a fertilized fetus as a blob of tissue, a financial burden on the parents or the state when said parents go on welfare to support the baby.

What I find shocking and inhuman is that the New Life of a baby be reduced to something that can and should be disposed of at will as if nothing.

It’s called infanticide, to kill, to murder, to dismember a baby in the womb. Abortion is evil.

What I find shocking is that some people think it’s normal to be evil. What I find shocking is to support the culture of death, and do away with future generations of children, families, and a great nation.

What I find shocking is that some people think it’s only about religion; it’s not. I am a woman of faith and I believe in God. I also believe in the protection of life, all human life, from the moment of conception to natural death. It’s about treating all humans with dignity and respect, which includes the born and the unborn.

Maria E. Veliz, Edinburg