LETTERS: Republicans: Explain selves

Rio Grande Valley GOP, we the majority of Valley citizens demand that you explain how your voting restriction bill does anything to ensure legitimate votes are cast. How does cutting back early voting hours, banning drive-thru voting, further clamping down on voting-by-mail rules and enhancing access for partisan poll watchers improve the accuracy of the vote?

Once a person is qualified as an adult citizen (less a few existing exceptions), all your added hurdles do is make it harder for any person to vote. If you were truly interested in counting all the legitimate votes, wouldn’t you want to make it possible for all of them, including those working two jobs, overtime, without transportation, away from home, with child care responsibilities, etc., to vote as conveniently as you can? Don’t you think it would be better to be a party of inclusion rather than demonstrate your tactics of exclusion and intimidation as you do now?

Please, tell us how your present tactics guarantee that every qualified voter gets to cast their ballot!

Ned Sheats, Mission