LETTERS: Defend the vote

I am pleased to learn that my Valley neighbors are reading the paper along with me instead of using it for personnel hygiene at the outhouse.

My views are my own and developed over 88 years of life in the United States of America. A few people agree with me on some subjects and others disagree; this is what makes America so wonderful. We all have the freedom to disagree or not in all things affecting our way of life in America. There isn’t any other country in all of history that enjoys our freedoms and the right to express ourselves. This is a fact here in America and not fake news.

Our Constitution is being eroded by our politicians and our Supreme Court. The independence of America was executed because the king had too many restrictions on our way of life in the New World of America. Case in point: in Texas the governor wants to limit our access to the voting booth in all elections. The First Amendment says Congress shall make no laws denying us the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Voting is the only free way we have to have our grievances heard without spending millions of dollars and years winding the way through the court system. Our voting system should be more accessible to all residents, with a simple ID and voter register card. With the COVID-19 virus being able to change like a chameleon, we need simplicity, not fascist or kingly controls.

Bill Williams, Palmview