LETTERS: Opinions presented

Why do so many complain about America?

I think most people are happy, but the media seem to emphasize people who complain.

America is not racist. Character is more important than skin color.

There are two genders: male and female. We are different genetically and no amount of surgery or hormone treatments will change our DNA.

The climate is getting warmer, but it has very little to do with human activity. There have been many cooling and warming cycles over the millions of years of our planet’s existence. Saying that humankind can change the climate makes as much sense as saying that we can control gravity.

Evil people kill others. Guns do not cause crime. Bad people do. If evil people are in prison, they will not perform criminal acts on the public.

These things are not complicated, but it seems that there are those who would not agree. Fine. It’s OK to disagree. We can have debates. No need for hostility.

Freedom comes with the responsibility to avoid criminal behavior.

Bill Hudson, Brownsville