LETTERS: Politics

The propaganda machine blurts out that Democrats are destroying country. His brainwashed mind is so exposed to right wing propaganda, he has lost track of his reasoning. He must resort to name calling as if that will help his cause.

Since when has a Democratic administration destroyed our great country, unlike the last two Republican administrations, and yep, many prior Republican administrations. If he remembers correctly, Democrats were instrumental in providing all the fringe benefits currently available to the labor force – benefits like the 40-hour week, overtime pay, vacation time, sick leave, family sick leave, healthcare and Medicare, safe working conditions and passed all bills pertaining to the workforce that were opposed by most Republicans.

This is what made America great with the workforce enjoying a good standard of living, not having the wealthy taking the whole cake. Republicans, though, are helping the wealthy get it all back.

Wake up people. What just happened during the last administration? Why is it so easy to convince many that recessions (destruction) are not so bad if committed by Republicans?

The Conman has made the con game so popular that so many are easy targets. He has convinced so many, pitiful, of a fake election. No fraud and no mistakes were evident of the fairest election ever. Most countries are envious of our election process. Wise people rose to the occasion and got rid of a failed administration.

Scammers are now going hog wild, jamming phone lines, scamming so many people of their hard-earned earnings. Thanks Trump.

War heroes Audie Murphy and Gen. Patton would slap the living daylights out of a draft dodger that incited a treasonous act. They would not hesitate to shut down a news media that convince people to embrace excuses for treason.

By the way, why is there so much fear trying to expose the treasonous act?

Guess what, another of his most trusted and loyal cronies is indicted for criminal activity. So, what else is new. Funny how misguidedness works. Have a great day.

Juan Gonzales, Harlingen