LETTERS: Voter suppression good for elections

“Voter suppression” actually translates to election integrity.

Don’t let words fool you. Any election minus true election integrity is a farce and nothing more than a very well-planned Illusion for the easily influenced and deceived.

Holding true to honor, honesty and integrity is never an easy feat; it’s supposed to be hard. That’s why election and voter integrity should most definitely be sought in our election process.

Participation in our democracy isn’t a trip to McDonald’s drive-thru or trying to get into a nightclub where your ID is never really checked. Voters should make an effort to take the time to vote and they should 100% have an ID to validate and prove they are indeed afforded the right to do so by being a living (as in not dead) American citizen.

Kamala Harris, Joe Biden and this new Democratic Party are the Trojan horse that will most definitely bring America down.

Hortencia Camargo, McAllen