LETTERS: Recent letter spurs response

Juan Vega from McAllen believes liberals think guns are violent (Your Voices, June 22). Is it possible that Vega heard somebody say that guns were “dangerous” in the hands of “violent” people and that’s where he got that notion?

Mr. Vega says blaming God for mass shootings is senseless. Did Mr. Vega hear someone blame God for the mass shootings?

Vega quotes Ted Cruz saying, “When a nation has no respect for God, it will suffer the consequences.” Vega might have thought Ted was referring to a heavenly god, but I’m more inclined to believe he was referring to Donald Trump, who is still making Ted suffer the consequences for calling him a pathological liar. But Ted is not alone. Our former Texas governor, Rick “Oops” Perry, once said Trump was the “chosen one.” Huh? No, I’m not making this up.

Vega writes that God was so good that he allowed his son to be crucified on a cross so that we could accept him as our savior. Perhaps some wise person out there can add another chapter to the bible that claims a troubled young man with a war-weapon was allowed to tear apart the bodies of six adults and 20 beautiful elementary school-aged children so that we could witness the evil war-weapons can inflict on innocent people. Perhaps then we can seriously work on doing something about it.

Have all of us been saved yet? No, at least not yet. There are still a lot of stupid things going on — murders, rapes, robberies, governors seeking to build a useless border wall, governors seeking to suppress the voting rights of millions of people while giving a privileged few the right to carry a weapon without the hassle of securing a permit.

But rest assured, God is working hard to correct the flawed human-being blueprint on his drawing board.

And can military-type war-weapons still be easily purchased by civilians? Yes, of course! And rest assured, Republicans and the NRA are still working hard to keep it that way. Hoo-boy.

Italo J. Zarate, Brownsville