LETTERS: Open-carry law decried

Welcome to the wild west of yesterday! Our friends in Austin, as the professional politicians like to refer to their counterparts, are making it possible for mass killings of our fellow Americans here in Texas.

With the signing of the open-carry bill, more and more people will be killed in Texas at any function involving lots of people. What spark will it take to inflame some hothead to draw his or her pistol and start shooting as many people around them as long as their clip holds ammo? This just happened in Austin, as a prelude to what can happen all over Texas.

Look what happened in Flint, Michigan, last month. A security guard at a Family Dollar store just outside of Flint was shot and killed after telling a customer that they had to put a face mask on if they to remain in the store.

Friends, this is going to lead to bedlam in our state. People have changed during the last year and a half due to the pandemic and restrictions on our lives. We are living in a different world now. The extreme drought affecting half of America, prices rising on almost everything you buy now, and just the hate verbiage we are hearing from our leaders and people in power all over the country, make for a cauldron of emotions that when uncontrolled will be disastrous.

Bill Williams, Palmview