LETTERS: Keep ‘Jim Crow’ out of our state

I’m thankful to live in a democracy without “Jim Crow” voting laws! Let’s keep it that way.

For democracy to work for all of us, it must include us all. All Texans want elections to be free, fair, and accessible. We want a transparent process we can trust, where Americans have equal freedom to vote, no matter what they look like or where they live, whether in a small Texas town or one of Texas’ major metropolitan areas.

I am thankful to local and state election officials who did a great job providing a safe and secure election during not only a massive presidential election but a pandemic. All Texas voters were thankful when the governor expanded early voting and were thrilled that they had more voting opportunities, extended hours at the polling places, and more options to return vote-by-mail ballots. These are the kinds of measures that Texans want and appreciate.

Encourage your legislators to be a hero for democracy. Tell them to work for Texas voters during the special session not for measures that further complicate our already complicated voting process.

Voting and elections are fundamental to our democracy. If the Texas legislature implements “Jim Crow” voting laws, then Texas voters’ only hope will be at the Federal level with the passage of the For the People Act and a restoration of the Voting Rights Act.


Madeleine Sandefur, Laguna Vista