LETTERS: Inflation expected

New home building is way down for 2021 and it looks like an economic inflation storm is coming this year. Why? Mainly because lumber and building material prices are up, way up!

Those big increases stop or slow down new home construction building plans and other business construction plans. This in turn increases used home values and office building prices.

This increase in value may show up in your county property tax value and home values, which means your county and school taxes should go up for homes and commercial buildings.

So a large inflation rate increase is coming this year, so get ready.

Why did lumber and building materials go up? Because of all kinds of COVID-19 interruptions and Trump Canadian lumber tariffs. Why did COVID-19 get out of hand in the United States in 2020? Because our Republican and Democratic state governors in 2020 mishandled the pandemic crisis (or did they?). The governors knew they could not depend on the federal government to help or support them in 2020. So our mini Biden economic boom for 2021 will be short-lived because of inflation and many other issues.

The good news is that this inflation will have no effect on the super rich and corporate monopolies, Why? Because they have thousands of rigged systems, rules, laws and schemes in place to protect them from depressions, recessions and inflation. Why else do you think the stock market is doing so well?

Looks like we need big economic and political changes in this country, but that’s just my opinion. What’s yours?

Tomas Cantu, Concepcion