LETTERS: Shameful politicians

Politicians, Democrats and Republicans alike, have been staging “immigration reform” for more than a century, after always benefiting themselves and ineligible factions.

They have empowered themselves, using their illegal vote-cheating prospects, who lie to qualify for countless benefits, by stealing from the Americans who faithfully worked for these benefits, which are now being bestowed on these cheaters.

Meanwhile, poor, certified American citizens and the elderly have been bleeding financially. Some have become physically and mentally incapacitated, dying by themselves, with zero efforts from these greedy politicians who deny them equal benefits.

They’re much too busy, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, reaching out to effect fake reparations for some opportunists, who have already been on “reparations” from cradle to grave.

They could at least try focusing on direly needed American Healthcare Reform, to at least provide partial, at-home care for ailing citizens, by providing help with essential tasks that they can no longer do for themselves, regardless of economic status. They also deserve equal dignity as most ineligible foreigners do.

Biden, Chuck Schumer and specifically Nancy Pelosi should be ashamed of themselves. Pelosi touts foreigners as “members of the stimulus community” and totally disregards actual Americans, who are looked upon as the stepchildren who are only relied upon to pay for ineligible foreigners’ free comforts.

These are the fakers who intimidate forgotten Americans, with religious intimidations of “You will be judged.” It is pure self-serving garbage, while they elevate themselves and their self-empowering agendas.

Nobody should intimidate or judge anyone. That will come for every single one of us when our time comes.

Imelda Coronado, Mission