LETTERS: What are we?

His main goal was to make President Obama a one-term president. Now his priority is to stop President Biden from doing his job. Moscow Mitch McConnell thinks his job is to stop presidents from doing their job. This is crazy, but not as crazy as Moscow Mitch being paid an obscene salary to stop President Biden from doing what 81 million Americans elected him to do. Who are we?

Republicans believe in democracy only when they win. Otherwise, it sucks. To them, pleasing the twice-impeached, one-term wannabe insurrectionist is more important than working with President Biden. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to work with a great, truly nice American like Joe Biden?

Some loud Republican congressmen are just like Donald Trump, a bunch of sore losers. Do those who vote for these guys really want their representatives to be sore losers?

Liz Cheney, the former No. 3 House Republican leader, is not a sore loser. She doesn’t agree with Trump that the election was stolen. This makes her a villain among “Trumpublicans.” “Everyone knows he’s lying,” they plead with her, “but please appease our boss anyway.”

Liz won’t do it and now the GOP leaders want to replace her with a true sycophant. One who believes Trump is still our president. Where do Republicans find these people, at the bottom of a barrel? Hoo-boy, what the hell are we? Are we evolving into mindless creatures?

Italo J. Zarate, Brownsville