LETTERS:  Biden blamed for gas prices

In Donald Trump’s December 2020, regular unleaded gasoline cost on average about $1.90 per gallon. Now in Biden’s March 2021 the price has risen to over $2.65 per gallon — almost a 40% increase!! Well, thanks a lot, Biden!

With the signing of his executive orders regarding U.S. energy policy, Biden essentially reversed what Trump fought so hard for: to make America energy independent. Biden recently ended the energy-delivering Keystone Pipeline and its estimated 11,000 jobs. He did this on a reckless impulse with the stroke of a pen rather than legislation. Currently, 21 states are suing him over these executive orders that resulted in so many American energy workers losing their jobs and livelihood.

The low gas prices we all (Republicans and Democrats together) enjoyed were the direct result of Trump’s policies that encouraged U.S. energy independence. I guess it’s OK to pay more at the pump, as long as we see no more mean tweets, right?

Joel Ramirez, Edinburg