LETTERS: New ‘stimulus’ not appreciated

I like receiving money, but ….

Congress just passed the $1.9 trillion legislation this past week allowing most Americans to receive $1,400 per adult and additional sums to dependent children, etc. The hyped rationale for this windfall is to help individuals hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic. The real beneficiaries are those municipalities that had effectively bankrupted themselves, e.g., Chicago, Philadelphia, L.A., San Francisco, et al. All of the cities benefiting from this largess have for years had Democratic administrations whose strategy was (and remains) tax and spend. Their failure has resulted in higher crime rates due to reduced policing, insolvent police/fire/teacher pension funds, crumbling infrastructures and negative population (tax base).

This bailout is a reward for failure and disincentivizes fiscal responsibility. Working Americans must then subsidize failure; the $1,400 federal check is the sugar to mask the bitter taste of more government deficit spending.

It’s mainly the reward to voting in a Democratic Congress and president: political payoff. We can expect more unworkable legislation in the future from this alt-left, politically correct, cancel-culture administration in the form of “reparations” to minorities, student loan forgiveness for all, guaranteed income for all Americans (willing and able to work of not).

It is unfair, un-American and despicable to take hardearned money from working Americans and give it to those who won’t work, even if it is strictly speaking, legal — e.g., the “stimulus” law.

What is our tolerance level for being bled white by taxes for unworkable, un-American social programs?

I am fearful for the future of our country, and when reviewing the proposed agenda of the administration, I wonder, but only a little, what can be the solution? Where is the Army?

God bless America!

El Sellers Fairfield, Texas