LETTER: Biden blasted

With Joe Biden’s 48 wasted years of failure in accomplishing anything worthy of American greatness, except his selfserving enrichment for himself and the Biden family, he again lied to the American people during his first news conference about the decay of American infrastructure, disunity and immigration policies, which actually escalated during his 48 years of nothingness, by cleverly dumping his gross failures on President Trump’s scant four years in office.

He repeatedly, arrogantly and falsely referred to himself as the “nice guy.”

May we remind his forgetful mind that any disunity in this country only happened during his watch with “foreigners first” policies that decimated innocent Americans as an afterthought in his totalitarian politics.

His fake niceness clearly reflects the nastiness that he mistakenly thinks he can hide from the smart, good American people.

Americans are a very smart, respectable people, and are never easily fooled.

Imelda Coronado Mission