LETTER: Vela, Biden inspire ire

Congressman Filemon Vela recently penned a commentary about “getting it right” (March 12), paying homage to the new Biden administration giving praise to the man who opened the borders, created chaos by allowing aliens to jump ahead of people who legally have been waiting to become citizens and residents of the United States.

He further goes on to state that drugs and aliens come into this country unimpeded despite the efforts of the Border Patrol, Customs and Border Protection and other federal law agencies. He ends his commentary with “The U.S. Citizenship Act fixes our broken immigration system. I stand with President Biden’s plan to build back better so that we continue to adhere to the American values our nation was founded on.”

Mr. Vela, shame on you and President Biden. You both took an oath of office and pledged allegiance to “We the People,” the people you were elected to represent. Our nation was founded as a nation of laws and values that neither of you hold sacred. Instead, for some reason your allegiance is to the mob rule of alien caravans whose demands outweigh the needs of your constituents, and that is the sad commentary you both should address.

Joaquin Longoria III, Mission