LETTER: GOP target of criticism

It is not what the GOP is for, but what they are against that counts. Every Texas Republican in Congress hates the idea of more than $7.25 an hour for unskilled workers, cashiers, fast food employees or laborers. No raise for the $2.52-an-hour waitress. The GOP senators with $174,000-a-year salary plus free reserved parking spot at Reagan International think $2.53 an hour is too much. They also think money for unemployment is a total waste of taxpayer money.

Senators Cancun Ted Cruz and John Cornyn were opposed to the $1,400 stimulus check most Texans are getting. However, the $2 trillion tax cut for their rich donors was the wise thing to do. They are opposed to the U.S. government paying for the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. They want to stiff the states.

In a free enterprise system, money is not given to businesses to stay afloat during a major recession. Cancun Cruz and Cornyn both voted against it. A business with no income cannot be helped by a tax cut.

People who vote Republican will never need eviction protection or rental assistance. Cancun Cruz and Cornyn both agree on that. Help for the hungry and child tax credits are anti GOP and should never exist.

Aid for states and public schools is not in line with massive tax cuts for the rich. The Republican Party has not been a strong supporter of public education since Reagan’s tax cuts.

Public health is way too costly for the GOP. That is why they have opposed every attempt to make health care more affordable.

Whatever is on Fox’s Hannity program is the major issue for all Republicans, nationwide. How long will it be before the GOP agrees with Hannity and decides women must not be in the military?

Hank Shiver, Mission