LETTER: Sputtering American engine

Prior to the COVID pandemic, America was a thriving country; unemployment was at its lowest in over 50 years. The American engine was humming along, smooth as silk, economically the stock market had risen to its highest levels as well, but storm clouds would soon form on the horizon. A virus from a foreign land would soon undo all the economic progress, cost a sitting president re-election and to date kill over half a million Americans.

The economic engine of America that had run so well was now sputtering.

So far, the new administration is on its way to undo the progress made by the previous one, not by congressional action, but by presidential executive order – 37 so far penned by President Biden, who along with Democratic senators chastised then President Trump for his use of the same.

Biden, the “Uniter in Chief” with those executive orders has shut down the pipeline with Canada, costing thousands of jobs and strained relations with our ally to the north.

In the coming months we will be told that the mass migration on the southern border with Mexico was not the fault of his executive orders stopping the construction of the border wall, signaling an all clear for those wanting to usurp the legal immigration process, but a direct result of climate change in Central America, opening the “Pandora’s Box” to allow further deficit spending in the name of Global Warming.

The Trump administration lowered corporate and personal taxes in order to stimulate the economy. Biden will do the opposite, in effect he and his Democratic cronies are adding water instead of fuel to the gas tank of the sputtering American engine.

Joaquin Longoria, Mission