LETTER: Article critiqued

I am concerned to see an unfortunate aspect of national journalism infecting local news reporting in The Herald. I refer you to the front-page story by Valerie Gonzalez on March 10. She quotes a tweet by Gov. Abbott, then claims “Abbott tweeted without offering statistics or other facts to support his claim.”

If she had bothered to check The Texas Tribune, she would have read that Abbott’s claims have been based on information provided by NBC and others. Testing done by the city of Brownsville has confirmed numerous COVID-19 cases among immigrants.

Your reporter’s comment (basically an editorial critique) is reflective of the tendency of the national press, provoked by Trumpian wild claims, to provide a response that belongs on the editorial page. If reporters want to challenge politicians’ assertions, let them find a voice from the opposition, and quote that. Journalistic credibility is undercut by perceived bias, and I hate to see it in the Herald.

Anthony Knopp, Brownsville