LETTER: Right-wingers draw questions

I wish there was something that could be said to the radical right that would convince them their current actions will lead America to destruction, but apparently there is not. Or is that their intent?

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s constant resistance to progress for 12 years, Sen. Rand Paul’s incessant whining, Sen. Lindsey Graham’s fake biblical grandstanding et al., finally, it seems intentionally, led us to a president who nearly destroyed the USA through racism, bigotry, bias and hate; yet these miscreants are still there and haven’t learned.

These deniers of science, purveyors of hate, who believe that their way is the only way and that any threat to this way should be beaten down still exist. These people who believe that the government has not treated them fairly broadcast a philosophy that continues to teach and nourish violence as demonstrated at and in the Capitol of our country.

To this type of “American” I ask these questions: While managing to bring America back from George Bush’s disastrous maxi-recession against unbelievable resistance from the representatives, what did Barack Obama and the Democrats do personally to you that demanded you elect and then support a person like Trump? Did they take food from your table, clothes from your children’s back, a roof from over your family’s heads, guns from your closet, money from your savings? What?

The only thanks I give you is for proving my guess about what the me-me-me generations would grow up to act like.

So yes, we will have to put up with you. It’s the American Way. Just don’t do anything that real Americans cant repair.

Ned Sheats, Mission