LETTERS: Texas infrastructure

I returned to my birth state with great lifetime memories and expectations, only to be extremely disappointed on its current status.

Brownsville was a booming town in 1971 and San Benito, in a blink of an eye, you could miss it.

I recall seeing my first snow flake while attending high school 66-67 school year. So cold weather is not new in Texas.

Our infrastructure back then was nowhere near as sophisticated as now, and we didn’t have these mandated power outages control by one entity (ERCOT). If our electrical power source infrastructure is not meeting par, then what are they waiting for? Is it that no one has a say so over this entity?

I have observed since my return to my lovely state that leadership at all levels are re-active on all matters of concern instead of being pro-active.

In Texas, as long as I remember have had a variety of weather, from extreme heat, draught, tropical storms, floods and once in a while extreme cold as we are experiencing now. In my three and a half years since my return, we have experienced all.

Today is our fourth day without any power, and I hear there’s not a scheduled time for remedy. I didn’t know that my lovely Texas had become a third world country.

Gas lines at the pumps are a mile long, and one hopes after being in line so long, that they don’t run out of gas. Grocery store shelves are empty. It reminds me of what some Socialist countries go through.

And now they are talking about rationing water.

If we don’t have food, electricity or fuel what else is there?

Oh, and now Beto want to run for governor! He’ll take our hunting guns away. Let’s see if this doesn’t get censored.

Ruben Garcia, Harlingen