LETTER: Fight against line jumpers

It is an interesting article describing people who jump the line for COVID-19 vaccinations. Probably two of the biggest challenges facing the Biden administration are our COVID-19 pandemic and immigration policy and enforcement. This includes the large number of illegal entry-line jumpers and those claiming asylum who fail to use and follow existing immigration policy and procedures.

The existing immigration policy and procedures have been successfully used by many people for more than 100 years by people patiently waiting in line who have been granted legal entry, permission to work, legal permanent residence and ultimately are issued their certificate of naturalization as a legal U.S. citizen. It is absolutely wrong for line jumpers, who are illegal citizens and should not be called migrants, to remain in the United States for purpose of working, seeking health care and obtaining Lone Star and other public welfare assistance. These are rights of U.S. citizens and should not be abused by line jumpers who have not complied with any existing immigration and civil laws.

Immigration line jumping is absolutely not right considering those people who are all ready in line who have been following immigration application procedures over a long period of time. I suggest that more people be hired for immigration administration and processing of applications and paperwork in a shorter time period for those using our existing immigration and naturalization process.

This is the path to citizenship and these are the people who should be rewarded the privilege of living and working legally in the United States of America.

Dean Moss