Herald Letters to the Editor

Coup attempt was appalling

I, an American, join with the majority and am appalled and saddened by the attempted coup by the president of the United States.

He helped organize and send these domestic terrorists to the Capitol to create mayhem. Then, he raced to the safety of the White House to cheer them on.

The leader ran away.

How can any patriotic American still support him?

Ruth E. Wagner Brownsville Our new sheriff

New Sheriff!

Don’t brake so fast. Buckle-up! New sheriff in town.

Lying’s against the law, too? Things won’t be fit for a good scandal! Fact-checkers have applied for unemployment.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki. OMG! Not blaming media bias, insulting reporter affiliations or shifting blame while responding coherently.

What are these briefings coming to? Takes time disconnecting from a soap opera. Where’s the drama? Come-on, tee-off on Fox and wrongwinger media. Sheriff Biden conducted a Zoom meeting with the temerity to tell his appointees that if they demean or degrade another they’d be fired on the spot.

The last sheriff fast-tracked ’em with a “Great job, Brownie” sort of comment and earned points toward a toaster. They pay shipping and handling, but who doesn’t need kudos?

The sheriff made plain he’s got something against “conflicts of interest.” Signed an executive order preventing taking positions for two years after leaving, with those regulated. And you’ll not see campaign rallies on the White House grounds, Psaki said.

When the last sheriff ran things, it was “full employment.” Numerous applicants, regardless of “qualifications,” filled jobs like attorney general several times.

Hey, new sheriff! “Against giving someone a chance, learning on the job?

East Coast intellectuals. Still the “effete snobs” Spiro Agnew intimated when scandals were scandals.

Rev. Barry Abraham Zavah Alpine