Herald Letters to the Editor

LETTERS: Election: The truth

Donald Trump bragged that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and his supporters would still love him. He failed to convincingly suppress the vote a second time, he failed to sabotage our postal service to slow down the mail, he failed the American people by mishandling COVID-19, and he failed to convince the majority of voters that he was a good president. That’s why he lost. The election was not stolen as he falsely claimed.

As expected, he failed to accept defeat with dignity, so he convinced his gullible supporters that the election was stolen, that it was a fraud and that it was rigged. And thus, the “grab your guns and stop the steal” bravado unfolded.

He promised to lead the rioters as they stormed the Capitol but he wisely chickened out. The mobsters disrupted the peaceful transition of power with force, violence and death. Those who were arrested are now pleading their innocence. “Donnie the devil made us do it,” they whine.

As he safely watched the plunder on TV, I swear that I can hear him thinking, “Woo-hoo, look at me; look at what I’ve done! Shooting someone on 5th Avenue seems petty now.” And his supporters, including a majority of so-called legislators itching to overturn the election, were pumping their fists, taking selfies and just loving it!

One senator, known as “Little Marco,” claimed Democrats were “stupid” for impeaching their hero a second time. No, they reasoned, this guy’s a keeper. We will find ways to steal, no, uh, umm, we mean, overturn the election. “Stupid?” Who was little Marco calling “stupid?”

If Trump will ever tell us that he can start an insurrection on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and that his sycophant GOP legislators will cheerfully praise him on, let’s listen. The fact that he’s finally telling us the truth is something that should be cherished. Oops, too late, but good riddance!

Italo J. Zarate Brownsville

Old-time religion is needed today

Ancient human beings attributed the marvelous things observable in life to unseen higher powers. They worshipped these powers because they had an innate desire to give honor to the palpable elegance of nature.

Some dug into the mysteries of the cosmos a little deeper and studied its actual workings. Their goal was to import the well-ordered kingdom of heaven to earth, and set up the best possible government and economy here. This group, called priests, tried to accomplish this by using animal sacrifices, prayer and humane law.

As new knowledge reduced the expanse of the unknown to understandable arts and sciences, religion was whittled down to a private sector focus on hard work, romance, children, good health, neighborliness, love, forgiveness and sacraments. Turns out, ancient scripture still contains many sophisticated and scientific approaches to dealing with civic life, and its disinformation and violence, for those earnest enough to want answers.

Kimball Shinkoskey Woods Cross, Utah

Progress lamented

Boca Chica Beach trembles.

Rockets. Gas exploration. Luxury hotel. Off-shore launch platforms, tourist boats to view space trips.

Enjoy the fragile wildlife-habitat sands and gulf when still possible.

Erosion in the name of progress nears.

Joni Mitchell, you genius of song: “… you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone. They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”

Eugene “Gene” Novogrodsky Brownsville