COMMENTARY: Celebration and wakeup call

This month we celebrate our Hispanic heritage. Texas, a state that prides itself on its strong multicultural roots, has long been home to Hispanics. As we close this year’s Hispanic Heritage Month, it’s important to remember the values that so strongly unite the United States and Hispanic communities.

Family, faith, freedom and hard work are the cornerstones of our culture and that of the United States.

We pride ourselves in our commitment to these values.

The United States is the land of opportunity and the most generous nation on earth. For generations we’ve welcomed legal migration and the opportunity for anyone to achieve the American Dream. Many families in South Texas, like my own, take pride in being part of this great country, a country that gives us the freedom to speak our minds, express our values and celebrate our culture.

But now, more than ever, our values continue to be threatened by leftist ideas and policies.

Hispanics have long contributed to the entrepreneurial spirit of the United States, yet Hispanic businesses were disproportionately affected by the shutdowns during the pandemic. Even today, we’ve seen a gross overreach of power by this administration as it shuts down our businesses and our livelihoods with a mere stroke of a pen. Its actions are clear evidence of their complete disregard for the hard work and dedication needed to keep our businesses afloat.

This is not the only leftist policy that is attacking our livelihoods and values. We have also seen disrespect toward our law enforcement officers and rising crime rates across the country thanks to “defund the police” efforts. Radical Democrats’ support of protests and anti-police rhetoric is a slap in the face to those who put their lives on the line every day for our safety.

The current administration’s failed leadership has not gone unnoticed in our communities. We have all been impacted one way or the other. The Biden administration has completely abandoned Texans as we’re left to deal with the humanitarian crisis at the border alone. The crisis continues to worsen with more than 200,000 encounters in

August, a 317% increase from last year, with no end in sight.

Recently, the pro-life movement made significant gains as the Texas Republicans signed the “heartbeat bill” into law. The law is a monumental step to fight to save innocent lives, but Joe Biden is doing everything in his power to overturn it despite its popularity among Texans.

Contrary to the virtue signaling and the constant pandering, the radical left does not appeal to the majority of Hispanics. This past year has been a wakeup call and Texas is now more mobilized than ever before. We must take it upon ourselves to enact meaningful change in our elections that is representative of who we are by speaking with our community, connecting with voters by door knocking, making calls, and educating voters ahead of the midterm elections.

As we end the month of celebrating our culture, we remember all the accomplishments of Hispanics both in Texas and nationwide. Our diverse culture has contributed to food, music, sports, politics, theater, art and so much more.

This month is testament to how our diversity of culture makes America so great. It’s definitely a time to celebrate who we are in a country that allows us the freedom to express ourselves in every aspect of life. It is also a time to remember that whom we elect to represent us in every level of government impacts our lives and should reflect our shared values.

Adrienne Peña-Garza is Hidalgo County Republican Party chairwoman.