COMMENTARY: Biden, Democrats created crisis at southern border

People line up against a border wall as they wait to apply for asylum after crossing the border from Mexico, July 11, 2023, near Yuma, Ariz. (Gregory Bull/AP File Photo)
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Joe Biden’s border crisis is out of control, and the latest numbers from the Border Patrol show there’s no signs of things getting any better. In September alone there were 260,000 encounters – a substantial increase since this time last year and the highest on record for the month of September since 2000. What’s more staggering is the fact that Border Patrol apprehensions have surpassed 2 million for the fiscal year. Our nation is in crisis, we have a president who refuses to secure our southern border, and American families are left to pay the price.

As I am a Mexican-born immigrant who legally came to the United States at 6 years old, lives in the Rio Grande Valley and is the wife of a U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent, this is personal. Drugs and traffickers are flooding over our southern border. Border Patrol agents are being assaulted. Women and children are dying. The Mexican cartels are making billions of dollars in profit. We’re seeing lawlessness and violence at the southern border right now, and Joe Biden, Vicente Gonzalez and Democrats are to blame.

What’s worse, in the midst of the terrorist attacks in Israel where innocent men, women, elderly and children have been brutally murdered at the hands of Hamas terrorists, federal officials are warning that many of these dangerous individuals could be attempting to make their way across the southern border next. These foreign fighters and extremist terrorists are solely motivated by ideology and wish nothing else but to cause death and destruction to America. Americans and the people of South Texas deserve leaders who are serious about putting partisan politics aside and doing what is right in order to protect their lives and keep their families safe.

When I ran for Congress in 2022 and became the first Mexican-born woman to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, I did so because I knew what the families of South Texas deserve. They deserve someone who will fight to secure our border, crack down on crime, lower costs on gas and groceries, and create more opportunities for our children.

And it’s why I am running for Congress again. My opponent, Vicente Gonzalez, has abandoned South Texas families, voting with Joe Biden and Democrats time and time again to create this disaster at our border. This isn’t right, this isn’t American, and we must stand up and get serious about defending our border and American values. On Day One, we’re going to stop the insanity. We’re going to secure our border, end this mass illegal immigration and put a fix to this situation once and for all. I love this district and this country, and I’m going to do all I can to help save it.

Mayra Flores of San Benito is a former U.S. representative for Texas District 34.

Mayra Flores