LETTERS: Make plans to cast votes, Comments countered, Let teachers leave Texas

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Make plans to cast votes

With the newest political campaign signs everywhere for upcoming elections, it’s time to start thinking about whom to vote for. In Edinburg we have reelection of city councilmen, and we’ll have to determine if one issue or many is a deal breaker for our vote.

Wasn’t it in 2021 when two of our current council members voted yes for a proclamation for our city to become a “sanctuary city for the unborn” and then supported this action for permanency — before Roe v. Wade was overturned?

Edinburg City Hall on Monday, Jan. 13, 2020, in Edinburg. (Joel Martinez | [email protected])

In September 2022, the current mayor and City Council lowered our property tax rate by 4 cents — and many of those same resident proponents were seen yet again from the above actions for a “sanctuary city for the unborn.”

But then in August 2023, it is reported that Edinburg may now have to tap its general fund to balance the current proposed 2023-2024 annual budget.

We have issues and candidates that must be contemplated for the upcoming Edinburg election. Is our city to be reactive to a select few residents or proactive for the many? How and whom will you vote for? Elections matter!

Diane Teter


Comments countered

It is unfortunate that Jim Taylor’s commentary of Aug. 30 did not stay on the Republican tack of condemning those who would approve of the “forgiveness” of federal (student) loans. Especially when that forgiveness involves transferring that debt to taxpayers who did not have the right to approve or deny them. I have no quarrel with his statistics concerning the abilities of many students, their intents, or the effectiveness of these loans on America’s overall ability to compete in global research, engineering or production.

However, instead of staying on topic he slithered into a blanket condemnation of America’s institutions of higher learning typical of radical MAGA-style conservatives. Mr. Taylor should realize that even though a particular educational activity, course, or study may disagree with his opinion it is not necessarily incorrect, prejudicial or wrong. Most educators are not drawn to their profession by prejudice but contrarily by the drive to eliminate it, the hatred, the misinformation of the Rad Right, and to teach truth, facts and the ability to think logically.

Yes, sir, we can get all the educated people we need but the education should not be radical, prejudicial or hateful.

Ned Sheats


Let teachers leave Texas

Regarding the article about Texas professors leaving Texas because the state will not allow them to practice their left[wing and woke ideology in our universities and colleges, let them go! It is bad enough that so many students have no reading skills when they enter our universities and colleges, we don’t need teachers like this filling their heads with that kind of ideology. All they want is tenure. I have seen so many young naive students fall under their spell and ruin their hopes and dreams of being a productive citizen. We need professors who help students get and education, not an ideology!

Sam Davis


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