Dr Shahid Rashid, Mayoral Candidate

Candidate: Dr. Shahid Rashid 

Running for: Mayor

Location: McAllen, TX

Political Statement: 

“I am not a politician.
I am a physician who cares deeply about my patients, my community and our City of McAllen. My practice specializes in Pain Management. I alleviate and reduce pain. I hope to alleviate and reduce the pain we are all suffering because of the pandemic as well as the fear and uncertainty we are all confronting due to the economic, social, medical and emotional upheaval that this virus has caused.
After my studies at Johns Hopkins University, I am a Public Health expert, and I have determined that we must restore our community’s health FIRST in order to restore economic growth, quality in-school education, social activity and tourism.
A healthy McAllen will be a city with a booming economy based on all the features we already have – maquilas, trade, malls, international bridges, excellent medical centers, educational centers and universities, small businesses and agriculture plus a culturally diverse and hard-working population.”

Political Advertisement Paid for by the Shahid ‘Doctor’ Rashid for Mayor Campaign Carlos Antonio Montautti – Treasurer, Margie Longoria – Co- Treasurer, McAllen, Texas 78501 Telephone 956-533-0799