Cameron County Commissioner’s Court Legal Division respond to press conference

Cameron County Commissioners Court Legal Division has released a statement pertaining to an April 14 press conference held by Robert Gracia, chief deputy of the Cameron County Sheriff’s Department.

The Legal Division said the press conference, held on behalf of Sheriff Eric Garza, “highlighted Sheriff Eric Garza’s misunderstanding of this lawsuit’s central issue-the separation of power.”

The Cameron County Commissioners Court last week filed a Temporary Restraining Order petition against Garza alleging he is taking actions beyond his duties as sheriff.

The TRO was filed April 14 and the Commissioners Court Civil Legal Division said it had not choice but to file the suit because Garza acted outside the scope of his legal authority.

In its statement released Monday, the Legal Division writes “This case is no about ‘politics’ and is not about ‘delegation.’ This is about Mr. Garza’s unwillingness or inability to follow a simple legal and administrative process that every Cameron County elected official must abide by and does so.”

The Legal Division states that Commissioners Court is not arguing that Garza should be kept from securing the courthouse. It is arguing the way Garza went about seizing the courthouse security duties and responsibilities, which it says was done improper and illegally.

The TRO states that without authority Garza seized the court’s budget decisions and has disregarded the powers and authorities imposed by the Civil Service Regulations and unilaterally terminated a Memorandum of Understanding.

A hearing for the TRO has been scheduled for 10 a.m. April 27, in the 445 state District Court in Cameron County.