Letters: Comments critiqued

Thank you, Louise Butler, for sharing with us that wonderful, educational and eloquently written column concerning free speech having its limits (Aug. 18). And thank you for printing it. Another gem that merits framing.

And on the same page we have Melvin Thompson complaining that not enough trash about President Biden is published in our local newspapers. Hoo-boy, doesn’t he get enough of that junk on “Faux News?” Goodness gracious!

And then we have the writer who previously labeled President Biden a “gangsta.” To borrow a phrase from Mrs. Butler, “The intelligent among you know that this is simply not true.”

Biden is no more a gangster than he is a saint, but when compared to someone like Donald Trump and the other hoodlums in his circle, Biden stands out like a refreshingly responsible revolutionary rebel.

Italo J. Zarate


Biden has


Listening to the Republican debate pretty much told me the outcome. If Mike Pence is chosen, he will not get the Trump vote.

The division in the Republican Party is giving Joe Biden the winning ticket.

Let’s say Trump is selected and wins; he would be tied up in court so much time on his personal legal matters that he won’t have time to do his job. Chaos in U.S. cities will dominate the news media and will be more of the same as when Trump was in office.

It will only bring America down closer to a Third World country without rule of law. Citizens won’t feel safe in their own homes where police won’t even show up when called and unable to defend themselves for fear of going to prison by leftist prosecutors who care more for criminals then citizens.

Democrats are better organized than Republicans. If they do it right, Biden will not need to compete for the selection. They will stand down and just let Biden be the only runner in their party. And if someone wants to compete with him, don’t bother to show up for a debate, just sit back and do nothing; the vote is in his hand. A Biden win is 100% guaranteed if he plays his cards right.

I voted Republican most of my life, but I can see this coming. And there is nothing you can do to change it.

Rafael Madrigal




Let’s tell the truth about the 2020 election and Joe Biden’s corruption. While Joe was vice president and on into his presidency, the list is too long to put in this submission, Joe sold us out to the Chinese and Russians and who covered up for his son.

Biden insults the families of those who lost their loved ones in the military with his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan; there was no time limit to his leaving in the agreement President Donald Trump had set up with the Taliban. We didn’t have to leave that fast.

It is easy to see that Joe cannot do the job he was elected for. And why is President Trump being accused of the so-called crimes? Because he didn’t accept the election results, like Hillary Clinton or Al Gore or the loser in the South Carolina governor race. Hillary bleached her emails, smashed phones. Biden stored secret documents next to his Corvette, documents he wasn’t supposed to have as vice president, so he stole them. President Trump declassified the documents he had stored at home; he didn’t steal them, he was negotiating with the FBI to return some of them.

Manuel DeMello

Port Isabel

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