Letters: Party’s attacks generate attack

November elections are just around the corner and the smear by Democrats has begun. Never have I seen the best evidence of what the Democratic machine thinks of its base than now!

Usually they list the accomplishments of their candidate to inform the public of the good things they have done to help and convince their base to stick with the blue candidate. Now, they are literally telling the public that the opposing candidate is not good for them and not to vote for them!

Forget that even blue voters have a brain of their own, forget that blue voters are suffering to make ends meet, and forget that many blue voters are Christians and pro-life! These blue voters are not expected to believe their own eyes, ears, hearts and pocketbooks!

What is the point of electing a blue candidate who is not allowed to serve their constituents? Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer tell them when to sit, when to speak and how to vote!

Look at what happened to Democrat Henry Cuellar when he started complaining about the border! FBI investigation and big money for his Democratic opponent from the Democratic National Committee. His voters saved him, his party did not!

Why do we have Republicans who cross the isle and vote with Democrats? Because they are allowed to represent their constituents, that’s why!

Not every state has the same needs! Not every middle-class wage earner is a Democrat!

What happened to the party of old?

I do not expect and I am not asking that you abandon your party indefinitely! You have to be aware by now that a sickness has infected the Democratic Party of old. Lawlessness, abortion to full-term babies, inflation, open borders and a green agenda that will never work in the short term.

Let’s fix this problem together and we can start in November so we can get rid of Pelosi and Schumer! Once we weed out the bad Democrats, we will immediately start weeding out the bad Republicans! Republicans have already started the house cleaning in the primaries!

Ernest Gorena




Everyone has opinions. Reading the letters written to the editor and commentary, I see everyone has an opinion. The writers all write their letters and quote percents and data like they are experts. They criticize other letter writers and they seem to know most of the answers. The Democrats bash the Republicans and Republicans the Democrats. We will never come to an agreement.

I will not agree with the commentary of Felipe Garcia (Sept. 21). I disagree with the opinion that former President Trump was racist. I also believe he should be in jail for mistreating the classified documents taken from the White House.

As for criticizing the new Latinas running for office, Mr. Garcia is off base. Like they say, we Mexican-Americans never get ahead because we are jealous of each other.

I believe the three Latinas are great candidates. That’s my opinion; we all have one.

The border is not secure. The vice president is wrong and the pandemic is not over. The president is wrong. The president is giving money away to countries overseas. The USA is broke — where is this money coming from? Oh yes, the taxpayer.

Jose Garcia