LETTER: Congress members should support jobs

We never expected to be in the situation we’re in today. As a mother and daughter who live together and have always worked hard and budgeted carefully. It’s somewhat shocking to be in debt, out of work and worrying about how we’ll pay the bills each month due to the pandemic.

Managing our finances is a juggling act: figuring out what bills we have to pay right away and what can wait a few weeks.

Many of our neighbors are in the same boat. The pandemic has made life more difficult for working people in the Rio Grande Valley and across the country. We need more good jobs so people can get back to work and we need support for families to stay healthy and secure.

That’s why it’s so frustrating to watch the news and see Washington so out of touch with regular people. As mother and daughter, we don’t always agree on politics, but when it comes to the bills being debated in Washington that would make major investments in infrastructure, jobs and families, we both think that there’s too much at stake for political division in the country.

Republicans and Democrats should support these bills to lower costs and create jobs. That’s why in our community, we are calling on U.S. Rep. Filemon Vela to vote in support of the full budget and infrastructure bills that will help people in Texas get back on our feet. Republican Congress members ought to get on board too. They shouldn’t stand in the way of helping people.

Barbara and Catherine Pettengill,
San Benito