Los Fresnos CISD taking applications for virtual learning classes

The Los Fresnos Consolidated Independent School District on Friday announced that it is accepting applications for virtual learning classes.

LFCISD will be accepting applications until 5 p.m., Monday, Oct. 1, and the notice of acceptance letter will go out via email on Oct. 8. A virtual learning orientation will occur on Oct. 14 and virtual learning will begin on Oct. 18.

The district states that as per Senate Bill 15, local remote learning options are to have an enrollment that does not exceed 10% of the student enrollment, so acceptance will be limited. Enrollment will be evaluated at the end of every quarter to ensure the district is compliant with guidelines of Senate Bill 15.

Student Eligibility as per (SB15 Guidelines) requires that the child:

>> Is enrolled in the District;

>> Performed satisfactorily the previous year in each state assessment;

>> Accrued no more than 17 absences last year;

>> Passed core curriculum courses last year with a minimum grade of 70; and

>> Have reliable internet access at home.

The district states parent responsibilities include the following:

>> Identify a responsible adult to supervise, support, and guide your child as a virtual learner;

>> Participate in events and parent-teacher conferences;

>> Monitor your child’s progress and reach out to the teacher when additional support is needed.

Application process

>> Completing an application does not guarantee acceptance;

>> The application must be submitted online and must be completed in its entirety. Incomplete applications will not be considered;

>> All applications will be reviewed based on the criteria from SB15 and not exceed 10% of the student enrollment;

>> Students enrolled in LFCISD Virtual Learning must maintain adequate attendance and academic performance, or students will be asked to return to in-person instruction.