SBCISD counselors honored for their commitment to students

National School Counseling Week 2021, “School Counselors: All In for All Students,” was celebrated earlier this month to highlight the unique contributions of school counselors within school systems throughout the United States.

Sponsored by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA), National School Counseling Week provided San Benito Schools with an opportunity to recognize the unique contributions and tremendous impact that their school counselor(s) have in helping students achieve success and plan for a career.

San Benito Schools counselors are among the over 45,000 school counselors across the State of Texas. This elite group of professionally-certified individuals make Texas the second-highest ranked state in this category.

Administrators, teachers, and students participated in designing cards, presenting floral arrangements, hosting staff breakfasts or luncheons, and providing numerous gestures of appreciation to their respective campus counselors.

“As a counselor, my job entails anything from helping students meet their academic, social, and career needs to individual counseling and conflict resolution,” said San Benito High School counselor Sarah L. Alonzo.

She also explained that being a school counselor is rewarding and filled with rich experiences.

“We have the ‘inside look’ into the nooks and crannies of people’s lives and are able to gain a deeper understanding of what makes them each unique and how they interact with one another,” continued Alonzo.

San Benito Schools proudly recognized the following counselors for their reliable, organized, understanding, nurturing, supportive, and empowering commitment to their students and campuses:

Angela G. Leal Elementary – Amanda Morin;
Dr. C.M. Cash Elementary – Araceli Vasquez;
Dr. Raul Garza, Jr. STEAM Academy – Laura Hinojosa;
Ed Downs Fine Arts Academy – Priscilla Guajardo;
Frank Roberts Elementary – Diana Lozano;
Fred Booth Elementary – Laura Shafer;
Judge Oscar De La Fuente Elementary – Tod Abraham;
La Encantada Elementary – Lori Ann Verduzco;
La Paloma Elementary – Noemi Leal;
Rangerville Elementary – Lisa Casanova;
Sullivan Environmental Science Academy – Deborah T. Morales;
Berta Cabaza Middle School – Nora Jalomo-Cortez, Linda Ramos;
Miller Jordan Middle School – Jessica Aguilar, Monica Munoz ;
Riverside Middle School – Lily Leal, Kathy Lanoy;
Veterans Memorial Academy – Sylvia Alfaro, Jennifer Zavala;
San Benito High School – Santiago Bernal, Lora Jalomo Garza, Rene Cortez, Sarah L. Alonzo, Rosa Vasquez, Melissa Lopez;
Gateway to Graduation/Positive Redirection Center – Crystal Cole

“The best part of my job is providing students with the tools and skills they will need to be successful in their academics, and also in their social-emotional development,” shared Judge Oscar De La Fuente Elementary Counselor Tod Abraham.

“However, I continue to find, on a daily basis, that it is the students who are teaching me about life,” said Abraham.

“Our mission is to serve the community by working with children to grow future leaders and citizens who not only think with their minds to solve problems but more importantly act with a sympathetic and empathetic heart to tackle the most important issues of our day,” said San Benito High School Principal Rudy Ramirez.

“Counselors, with their care, knowledge and role in our schools, are at the very center of this,” concluded Ramirez.

Counselors, thank you for your commitment to our students and schools!