Giving to those in need: Point Isabel ISD delivers meals, essential items

PORT ISABEL — As households continue to brave the winter storms that have left many without electricity and water, acts of service continue to shine through these dark times.

Point Isabel ISD faculty, staff and administrative personnel drove through neighborhoods in the Laguna Madre area on Thursday to deliver meal bundles to children.

“The children were so happy to see us as we drove through the streets and their homes,” Superintendent of Schools Theresa Ann Capistran said. “We were driving, following the buses and caravans honking and they were coming out.”

According to Capistran, the school district was able to deliver 7,260 meals.

Of the meals, 4,840 were non-perishable and 2,420 were warm breakfast and lunch meals.

“We had so many volunteers that wanted to go to the campuses and help,” Capistran said. “More than anything, it’s a way of giving back. Everybody wants to do a part and help out during this crisis.”

Capistran said through their efforts, the school district found an area of the housing projects that is still without water and electricity.

According to Capistran, because their homes were very cold, the families were asking for items, such as blankets and candles.

Capistran said it breaks her heart to see that after so many days, there’s such a great need for basic essentials.

“These were the families that came out as a result of us driving through the neighborhoods,” she said. “They hadn’t seen social media because they don’t have electricity so I’m so glad that we went into their neighborhoods and found out what their needs still continue to be. The families are struggling.”

After delivering the meals, she and her team went to Walmart to fill up carts with essential items and extra goodies, such as chips, cookies and breakfast bars for those families in need.

“We want to just put a little smile on their faces at this time though all of these challenges right now,” Capistran said. “We’re getting them the essentials, but we’re also getting them just a little bit more.”