A lotto ticket with coupons printed on the back?

Partnering with the Texas Lottery, H-E-B has become the nation’s first grocer to offer sales of Powerball and Mega Million tickets on cash register receipts paper.

Business Centers at participating stores are selling what has been dubbed “receipt tickets” by lottery officials. The tickets might also be part of register sales in checkout lines, too — as the Texas Lottery confirmed plans to expand sales to other registers. This week, at the H-E-B on Paredes Line Road, tickets were being offered to customers in checkout lines, where customers could pay for their groceries and lotto with cash or debit card.

H-E-B did not immediately return calls seeking clarification of how the new program was being rolled out in the Rio Grande Valley.

According to the Texas Lottery, however, Quick Pick numbers are printed on the receipt, along with a lottery barcode, and are valid for the next available Powerball or Mega Millions drawing. The Power Play and Megaplier add-on features are unavailable for purchase on receipt tickets at this time.

“Texas continues to break ground with ‘in-lane’ lottery solutions that provide our players direct access to the games they love in the most convenient ways possible,” said Gary Grief, executive director of the Texas Lottery. “These tickets look different than any other that the Texas Lottery has ever produced, as they are the first lottery tickets ever printed on cash register receipt paper rather than on lottery rollstock by a dedicated lottery terminal. Players will notice a lottery barcode at the bottom of the ticket, which may be scanned using the Texas Lottery App to check the winning status.”

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This announcement is the result of more than a year of work with Texas’ lottery operator IGT and long-time lottery ticket retailer H-E-B, culminating with the integration of national lottery products into H-E-B’s point-of-sale system.

“IGT has provided growth-driving products to the Texas Lottery since the Lottery’s inception more than 28 years ago,” said Jay Gendron, IGT Chief Operating Officer, Lottery. “We are pleased to partner with the Lottery and the world-class retailer H-E-B to deliver the latest innovation, Receipt Ticket, in Texas. This solution simplifies the sale of lottery products for the retailer and makes lottery products more convenient and accessible for players. We expect the execution of the in-lane solution for the Texas Lottery and H-E-B to set a standard upon which other retailers and lotteries will seek to adopt.”

Winning Receipt Ticket prizes of $599 or less purchased at H-E-B may also be validated at any H-E-B Business Center or Texas Lottery retail location with a dedicated lottery terminal. To check to see if a ticket won, a player may scan the barcode using the Texas Lottery App or self-service Check-a-Ticket machines deployed at most Texas Lottery retail locations, visit the Texas Lottery’s website at txlottery.org or call 800-375-6886.

Winning Receipt Ticket prizes of $600 or greater must be claimed at a Texas Lottery Claim Center.

At this time, players who wish to claim a lottery prize at a Claim Center must request an appointment online at www.txlottery.org/appointment or by calling 800-375-6886. Prize claimants will be required to provide their full name, phone number and preferred Claim Center location at which to complete their prize claim process. Walk-in claims will not be accepted and unscheduled claimants will not be admitted into any Texas Lottery facility. The claim centers are operating under this method for an undetermined period of time and until further notice.