HARLINGEN — Melodía means “melody” in Spanish, and it’s also the name of the newest cafe on Jackson Street.

Its owner, Angel Corsi, considers himself a singer-songwriter first, then a business owner. Currently, he is running a one man show at Melodía Cafe, his newest venture.

The cafe is located at 110 East Jackson St. and opens at 10 a.m. from Tuesday to Saturday.

Corsi has been living in Harlingen for around 7 years and said he has always gravitated to downtown Harlingen.

“It has a lot of synergy; everyone sort of works together. My coffee is from down the street from local roasters, and my baked goods are from another cafe. I like the idea of all of us working together. It is a really cool community to be a part of,” he said.

Corsi opened music venues a few years ago called the Prelude and Corsi Guitars and now he has his own cafe.

“This place represents the things I loved the most about the two other places: the people that came in and the conversations. I got to share connections, and I wanted to create a place that was based around the food I love to make,” Corsi said.

Though music is one of his most prominent passions, Corsi said he has always enjoyed cooking and learning new recipes.

“I love how people are ready to connect, and there is no better way than giving them some good food and music,” he said.

Combining his love of cooking and music, Angel Corsi is making new connections with the Harlingen community at his newest venture, Melodía Café. By Maricela Rodriguez, Valley Morning Star

Corsi decided to focus his menu on crostinis, a ciabatta roll cut into toast, which he describes as communal food. He saw it as an opportunity for people to share his dishes and try different versions of his crostinis. At the same time, he wanted to offer Harlingen a different eatery option.

“I love to create a space for someone to be themselves, but Melodia is about inviting you to hang out with me and connecting. Let me feed you and your family, and if you like it, we can talk about it,” he said.

On Saturdays, he offers one pasta dish. The dish he decides to make, Corsi said, is about trying something new. Also, he is attempting to minimize waste and uses the ingredients he has left by the end of the week.

“I make one pasta, and it is my choice. And you come and you try it. If you don’t like come again next week,” Corsi said.

Every other Saturday he offers a game night where people can play board games.

Various types of crostini made by Angel Corsi are on the menu Tuesday thru Friday at Melodía Café located at 110 East Jackson Avenue. By Maricela Rodriguez, Valley Morning Star

He also does a dinner called “Spaghetti and Songwriters” where out of town artists play while Corsi offers a meal.

For Corsi, it was important to incorporate both of his passions through his new business.

“I am a singer-songwriter first. Cooking and writing a song is the same thing. You have to have the right ingredients, but you also have to put whatever your flavor is,” he said.

Tuesday through Friday he offers crostinis only.

His different options are smoked lox, which is salmon on top of spinach pesto sauce with slow roasted tomatoes. Another option is a whipped ricotta cheese with lemon zest and some fresh tomatoes.

Every week he tries to add different versions depending on what inspires him.

Corsi has a specific playlist on Spotify, which is curated for the cafe. He said he encourages customers to listen to it and immerse into the experience he is attempting to create.

The cafe is also pet friendly. Corsi has doggie treats available for clients’ pets and has a bowl of water on the outside for thirsty pets.

In addition, his outside seating area has a window display which is not only colorful but also inviting. With furniture items and blue, yellow and orange accents, the atmosphere was created to feel summery and inviting.

Combining his love of cooking and music, Angel Corsi is making new connections with the Harlingen community at his newest venture, Melodía Café. By Maricela Rodriguez, Valley Morning Star

Corsi credits Mia Garza from Jackson Street Antiques for the window display creation.

“For me with food, I am trying to connect with people with their palette. I like to do things that bring people together, come and have some food,” Corsi said.