Large bobcat euthanized in central McAllen may have been a pet

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A severely malnourished and declawed bobcat found in a central McAllen neighborhood this weekend has been euthanized.

In a news release, the city said the bobcat was first spotted during the week, but efforts to capture the animal became futile as it continued to avoid animal control officers.

City Manager Roel Rodriguez reported the large feline to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, which assisted in euthanizing the large bobcat.

“Saturday a resident reported the large bobcat in his tree after birds began to suddenly fly and flutter away,” the release stated. “It was then that the resident noticed the large cat perched high in the tree.”

The game warden decided the animal had to be euthanized because of its size and because it posed a danger to the surrounding residence and the pets that lived there.

“Other factors included the possibility of rabies, and other diseases being carried by the large cat. Attempts to lure the cat into a trap were unsuccessful,” the release stated. “Upon inspection, the bobcat was unhealthy, severely malnourished, and had been declawed. The animal may have been a pet who someone released due to the inability to feed it.”

The only way to legally own a bobcat is with an Exotic Pet Permit, which is only provided to educators, zoos, researchers and animal sanctuaries, according to the release.