The Laguna Vista Police Department is having a little fun on its Facebook page, posting a photo of a few peccary visitors outside a local convenience store.

The trio of javelinas shown in the photo posted by Chief Anthony David certainly have not been the first wild visitors there, the chief said.

The police have spotted nilgai in that very spot–and often experience sighting of everything from rattlesnakes to bobcats throughout the community.

“We’ve even had calls about alligators,” David said.

Early Wednesday, the police department’s Facebook posting featured the photo with the caption: “Had some special visitors at Stripes last night.”

And area residents wasted no time before hamming it up in the comments.

“Texas, where bacon literally wanders into your front yard,” Debbie Hernandez wrote.

“So did the police just cuff them or were they hog tied?,” Andrea Wright asked.

“Bacon for the tacos, there’s at least 300 right there,” George Stathopoulos wrote.

Paula Williams Sirvello showed some compassion for the three hogs: “Poor little critters. Surprised they didn’t  get run over.”

Dwayne McDaniel called them the “Laguna Vista javelinas.”

The police force is staffed with about 10 officers, who patrol the community of a little more than 3,000 residents.

David, who is a Rio Grande Valley native who has been with the department for 8 years now, said policing the small community is not much different than policing anywhere else–except for the wildlife, perhaps.

“We are community oriented,” David said. “We know the folks and they know us.”

The javelina post is not the police department’s first wildlife post to stir up interest. David said he previously posted a photo of a big rattlesnake, and the posting spread with such popularity that he received calls from as far away as Great Britain.

“We didn’t know we’d be getting such a response,” he said.

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