RAYMONDVILLE — From online learning to working from home, several residents of this city will soon have greater access to high speed internet that will help them conduct their virtual tasks.

VTX1 Companies, a telecommunications service provider, inaugurated the addition of fiber broadband services to the Willacy County Housing Authority (WCHA) this month.

The housing authority has 108 units. According to a press release, the planned fiber broadband services to the facility will be ready for WCHA residents by November.

A Fiber Connection Ceremony was held on Sept. 16 in Raymondville at the Willacy County Community Safe Room.

Featured speakers included — WCHA Executive Director Jaime Serna, Willacy County Commissioner Henry de la Paz, Willacy County Judge Honorable Aurelio “Keter” Guerra and VTX1 Companies Chief Operating Officer Patrick McDonnell.

Officials describe the addition of fiber broadband services as being much needed for the county.

“We are excited about giving our tenants the opportunity to fiber internet,” Serna said. “This is not only beneficial for our students that reside here, but for those that work from home, and those senior citizens who need to be connected to their healthcare providers. We are glad the complex will have full access to this service.”

At the ceremony, VTX1 also presented a contribution to the WCHA to put toward the purchase of new playground equipment for its residents.

Guerra stated that VTX1 Companies has always been involved in the community and big contributors to enhance the quality of life in the area.

“Due to the fact I was director of the WCHA a few years back, these services will no doubt enhance the opportunities for everyone that resides there, especially for students,” he added.

The press release states that the more than $100,000 investment in construction costs for the project will ensure that county residents at the housing authority are provided with the fastest and most reliable fiber broadband connectivity available in the area, which is up to 940 megabits per second.

“Our sales and operations teams have been working tirelessly with local government officials to get this project approved,” McDonnell stated.

For more information about VTX1 Companies and its telecommunications services, visit www.vtx1.net or call 1-844-GET-VTX1.