The Brownsville Police Department is investigating the death of a man found in West Brownsville Friday morning.

Police were called to the intersection of Florence and Father Mestas Drive, which is a block away from La Galaxia and La Lomita Park and near Military Highway.

The Texas Rangers have been called to the scene.

“We have everything blocked of an area of Father Mestas and Florence right now. We received a call at 9:30 this morning. A citizen saw a body on the side of the road,” said BPD investigator Martin Sandoval.

“As soon as officers and paramedics got here they noticed a male subject was face up with blood on his face and he was deceased. At that time we activated our criminal investigations unit and right now they’re on scene and trying to distinguish what is going on,” Sandoval said.

Police aren’t saying yet how the man died and are working on retrieving his identity.

Brownsville Police Department Crime Unit take photographs of a crime scene Friday between Florence Lane and Father Mestas Drive as Texas Rangers arrive at the scene to help in the investigation of a man found dead in West Brownsville. (Miguel Roberts/The Brownsville Herald)