Pressure, seizures on territory belonging to escaped Gulf Cartel boss

Armored vehicles, ballistic helmets, weapons and ammo were among some of the multiple seizures made over the weekend by Tamaulipas’ special forces team in a territory belonging to an escaped Gulf Cartel leader in Mexico.

Jose Alfredo Hernandez Campos, 27, also known as “Metro 27” and “El Calamardo,” was captured July 12 in Reynosa by Tamaulipas’ special forces team known as GOPES, an acronym for Grupo de Operaciones Especiales.

Armed men broke into the Tamaulipas’ Attorney General’s Office where he was held and helped him flee. The men involved were later arrested, but the cartel leader remains ensconced.

‘El Calamardo’ is considered a cartel plaza boss in the area of Miguel Alemán and Díaz Ordaz, cities south of the Texas communities of Roma and Los Ebanos, respectively.

On Sunday, GOPES officers seized a cache of weapons, tactical gear and equipment in Miguel Alemán.

A photo of the seizure shows the following:

  • 4,200 cartridges 7.62 X 39 mm
  • 1,973 cartridges 5.56 X 45 mm
  • three caps with “CDG” lettering
  • three T-shirts with black and white pixelated print
  • three pants with black and white pixelated print
  • three shirts with black and white pixelated print
  • three T-shirts with military green pixelation
  • nine ballistic helmets
  • 62 magazines 7.62 X 39 cal. 62 magazines 5.56 X 45 cal.
  • 11 ballistic vests with badge
  • a camera
  • three long guns model M4 carbine cal. 5.56 mm
  • four AK-47 long guns cal. 7.62×39 mm
  • one Browning machine gun cal.7.62 mm

On Monday, officers seized five vehicles and a boat believed to belong to ‘El Calamardo’ at a ranch on the highway between Monterrey and Reynosa. Two vehicles are armored. One white truck is a cloned vehicle that had a poorly applied sticker that read “PEMEX,” a Mexican petroleum company.

The seizures followed two others Friday and Saturday that included more weapons and armored trucks found in Miguel Alemán.