Mosquito infestation prompts more spraying in McAllen

McAllen code inspectors spray for mosquitos at the Mcallen Development Center on Wednesday, May 10, 2021, in McAllen. (Joel Martinez | [email protected])

The city of McAllen’s Environmental Health and Code Enforcement Department began plans to spray areas of the city with high mosquito populations Tuesday night.

The team of seven mosquito foggers began spraying simultaneously at the far north and south ends of the city and will work their way to the center of town.

Spraying should be completed within two or three days, weather permitting, city officials said in a news release Tuesday.

Still, they asked for the public’s help in combating mosquito infestations and provided these tips for residents to practice:

  • Empty any containers holding stagnant water
  • Keep gutters cleared
  • Remove any standing water on flat surfaces
  • Change water in pet dishes daily
  • Rinse and scrub vases and indoor water containers weekly
  • Maintain backyard pools and hot tubs
  • Screen rain barrels and openings to water tanks

To report mosquito complaints, call McAllen’s 3-1-1 Customer Service Call Center or (956) 681-3111, or the McAllen code office at (956) 681-1900.