Tamaulipas special forces captures Gulf Cartel leader

A Mexican Gulf Cartel leader was captured overnight by Tamaulipas special forces, according to a state law enforcement source.

Jose Alfredo Hernandez Campos

Jose Alfredo Hernandez Campos, 27, also known as “Metro 27” and “El Calamardo,” was captured in Reynosa by Tamaulipas’ special forces team known as GOPES, an acronym for Grupo de Operaciones Especiales.

Hernandez Campos is considered the leader of the Gulf Cartel operating in the Diaz Ordaz and Valadeces area near the Ribereña highway, sitting south of the Texas communities of Los Ebanos and La Grulla.

He was wanted for crimes involving drug trafficking, human trafficking, kidnapping, creating blockages on train tracks in Valadeces, Tamaulipas, attacks on law enforcement, and taking down surveillance cameras.

Details are pending until after his arraignment.