Second employee files federal lawsuit against Cameron County Sheriff Eric Garza

Another civil rights violation lawsuit has been filed against Cameron County Sheriff Eric Garza by another one of his employees.

Captain Javier Reyna alleges in his lawsuit that Garza is retaliating against him because he supported Garza’s opponent Omar Lucio in the November 2020 sheriff’s race.

Reyna states that Garza has stripped him of all his supervisory duties and subordinates, is only assigning him to personally transporting prisoners, taking his office and unmarked take-home fleet unit, assigning him to personally transport out of town inmates that require multi-day trips to complete and fabricating a criminal case to illegally arrest Reyna.

Reyna has been an employee of the sheriff’s department for 28 years. For the last 16 years he was part of the Lucio administration.

The federal lawsuit was filed on Monday.

Garza said, Tuesday, although he is aware of the lawsuit, he cannot comment on any pending litigation.

In April, Sgt. Rodrigo Almanza filed a lawsuit against Garza and Chief Deputy Robert Gracia alleging the two violated his right to free political speech after he supported incumbent Lucio in the 2020 sheriff’s race.



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