The City of Brownsville announced Wednesday the delay of brush and bulk collection services by Republic Services throughout the month of April are due to the unprecedented freeze.

As of press time, Republic Services did not respond to The Brownsville Herald’s request for comment. The City of Brownsville told the newspaper Republic Services would be “the best contact team to answer your questions.”

Brownsville Mayor Trey Mendez said essential services are what every citizen expects when they pay their taxes and that the city is in contact with Republic Services.

“Our responsibility as a city is to deliver those services timely,” he said.

“Sometimes circumstances are beyond our control. However, the City is in contact with Republic services with the expectation that they will catch up as quickly as possible.”

The February freeze dropped temperatures down to the 20s and upper teens and prompted many trees, plants and other vegetation to dry up and die.

Residents cut down dried out trees, pulled out dead bushes and plants and dragged them to alleyways and their front yards for collection. On Wednesday, many alleyways and front yards still contained collected brush and other debris waiting to be picked up.

Piles of branches and palm fronds awaiting pickup line the road Wednesday on Cypress Drive.(Denise Cathey/The Brownsville Herald)

An information page by Republic Services, posted on The City’s Facebook page, states the collection schedule is divided by four sections with the areas receiving these services monthly.

On the same Facebook post, several residents expressed their discontent with the services.

“The freeze was mid February, they haven’t picked it up since January,” a resident wrote.

Another resident wrote it has been four months since the brush has been picked up at his parents’ area.

“It’s been four months since they picked up the brush from my parents property and they keep closing the ticket as job completed,” he wrote. “Ridiculous.”

The schedule, divides the city by four sections which are the following:

>> Section one: North of Boca Chica. and West of Paredes Line Rd.

>> Section two: South of Boca Chica St. and West of Expressway 77.

>> Section three: North of Boca Chica St. and East Paredes Line Rd.

>> Section four: South of Boca Chica St. and East of Expressway 77.

According to the information page, acceptable brush and bulk items are: tree limbs, shrubs, bagged grass, bagged leaves, furniture, sofas, tables, chair, mattresses, washer, dryers and water heater.

A discarded chest of drawers is left out by a dumpster for pickup Wednesday on Tulipan Street. (Denise Cathey/The Brownsville Herald)

Items containing Freon such as refrigerators, freezes or air conditioners must have the Freon removed by an authorized facility and be labeled with a decal from that facility indicating that it has been removed, the page reads.

Unacceptable bush and bulk items are: tires, construction material, demolition material, roof shingles, sheet rock, corrugated metal, concrete, asphalt, lumber, cardboard boxes, liquids, hazardous materials, blocks, bricks, dirt, car parts, household garbage, batteries and items with Freon, or any items not listed as acceptable.

“Please be sure to have your brush/bulk items at the curb and ready for pickup prior to the scheduled week listed below,” the page reads. “Truck will only make one pass and cannot return for late set outs. If we have serviced your area, please do not set out any late brush/bulk items. They will not be serviced until the following month.”

For more information, call Republic Services at (956) 423-7316.