Five Texas House members who represent Hidalgo County asked the local water service providers to give their customers a break for their upcoming water bills.

The delegation — composed of Reps. Armando “Mando” Martinez, Sergio Munoz Jr., Bobby Guerra, Oscar Longoria and Terry Canales — sent a letter to the water companies on Monday, proposing a mechanism to lower the bills.

They noted that the San Antonio Water System announced earlier this month that it would provide relief to customers who may receive higher than normal bills due to the recent winter weather crisis, and asked them to follow suit.

Last week, millions of Texans were left in the cold without power or water as frigid temperatures wreaked havoc on the state’s electric grid and caused a number of water-related issues, including lack of service, boil notices and leaks.

“Many members in our community have suffered from leak issues including burst pipes due to the recent freezes,” the legislators wrote. “During a time when our community is struggling concurrently with a pandemic, an economic downturn, and an extreme weather crisis, the last thing our community should be worrying about is their next water bill.”

As a result, they proposed a one-time mechanism to help lower residents’ costs. Compare the water bills from January and February and charge the lesser amount between the two bills for the current month, they said.

It’s unclear, however, if their request will fall on deaf ears.