Trevino signs disaster declaration for Cameron County

Cameron County Judge Eddie Trevino Jr. signed a declaration of disaster that covers residents and property in the county.

In a news release, he said the declaration was made after Gov. Greg Abbott declared the entire state of Texas a disaster area on Feb. 12.

Trevino said he and others have been on multiple calls with local, state and federal officials to address the severity of the problem of lack of power and water in the county.

“We are working diligently across all levels of communication that our pleas for additional power and resources are heard along with area power companies and water supply corporations to monitor daily usages,” Trevino said in the release.

“Area power companies are working around the clock to ensure homes have power and some power companies have suspended rotating outages per the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).

Trevino reminded residents of the warming shelters set up in Brownsville, Harlingen, La Feria, Los Fresnos, Port Isabel and Rancho Viejo.